17-Yr-Old Shocks With His Deep Country Voice, but When He Grins Everyone Loses It!

One of the most well-known talent shows in the world is The X Factor. Many aspiring singers want to display their abilities on stage in an effort to stand out and wow the judges. The contender in the following video, in contrast to the majority of contestants, decided to approach his auditions in a unique way.

The judges were taken aback by Willie Jones’ voice in addition to his manner, which also caught their attention. The song “Your Man” by Josh Turner, which was written by Chris DuBois, Jace Everett, and Chris Stapleton, was his selection.

Turner’s original song highlights his rich baritone voice, and it turns out that Willie was the ideal singer for the tune because he also has a deep voice that is ideal for country music.

He has a very seasoned and mature voice for someone so young! The judges were first surprised by his song selection, but as the performance went on, they grew to love his voice! Everyone, even Brittany, recognized they were watching a truly remarkable performance once he smiled.

He sang the famous line, “Baby, lock the door and turn the lights down low,” and it was obvious that many people in the crowd may have complied! Please have a look at the audition video below and let us know what you think by leaving a Facebook comment!

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