40+ People Describe Their Awful Neighbor Situations

1. Awful Neighbor Driving Us Bananas!

tortured by repetitive song
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Imagine having to listen to the same song repeatedly for three days straight! This is what some awful neighbors did, and someone shared their experience with the world. It is reminiscent of some crazy torture tactics.

2. They Are Just Taking Advantage Now

Lazy is an understatement
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This neighbor claimed to be lazy and asked if they could borrow some pasta. They wanted something to eat, but couldn’t be bothered to go to the store. When their nice neighbor agreed, they started taking advantage of that niceness.

3. Awful Neighbors Leaving Awful Notes

awful neighbor left a rude note on their car
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Some neighbors are rather understanding. Maybe they would knock on your door peacefully and ask you nicely to park somewhere else. Then you get the awful neighbor who is too cowardly to ask you to your face. They would rather leave a snide note on your car.

4. Just Don’t Block A Car In… Simple.

awful neighbor wouldn't move their car
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So, this person figured they could handle things nicely by giving their neighbor a heads-up that their car was blocking them in. But instead of a quick reply, they got something like, “Hold your horses, I’ll be done when I’m done.” Well, that didn’t sit too well, so they decided to take it up a notch and towed the whole darn car out of the way.

5. $300 Water Bill

Automatic Garden Lawn sprinkler in action watering grass.
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One Reddit user, u/cmde44, found out that their neighbor was up to no good. After an extremely high water bill, they found out their neighbor had been stealing water. They wrote: “Ran up over $300 on one months water bill of mine because the neighbor lady was hooking her sprinkler up to my water when I’d leave for work in the morning and would let it run all day until right before I got home from work.”

6. Awful Neighbors that Have No Respect for Endangered Creatures!

Awful neighbors killing bees
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So, all in all, having these little guys around is pretty crucial! If you want your garden to bloom and do your part in saving the bees, you want to keep them buzzing. But guess what? This not-so-great neighbor, they’re all about getting rid of these pollinators just because they’re helping their garden. Yeah, that’s sure to make their garden thrive, right?

7. Awful Neighbors That Are Maybe a Smidge Too Petty

awful neighbor being spiteful
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When this individual caught their neighbor’s dog doing its business on their doorstep, they mustered the courage to speak up. However, their attempt at criticism took an unexpected turn as their neighbor retorted, claiming they were merely reciprocating for the chaos caused by the person’s own dogs in their meticulously landscaped yard.

8. Awful Neighbor Says They Deserved It

Screenshot of message from neighbor
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This leads one to think, “What exactly did the kids do?” Most people would agree that you should not yell at someone else’s kids. But, not this neighbor.

9. Loves to Cause Trouble

Car tire nails in the tire grooves are the cause of tire punctures.
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This Reddit user, u/Dahhhkness, shared a story about their horrible neighbor who is just always up to no good. They love to stick nails in people’s car tires, especially on Sundays. They wrote: “She has a penchant for going around sticking nails in people’s tires at night. This has happened dozens of times to nearly everyone on the street, though she’s slowed down since more people started installing video cams and motion-sensor lights in their driveways.

They continued, “She’s just one of those misanthropic people who gets a kick out of others’ misfortune. She’s done it for almost 20 years, apparently; her favorite night to do it is Sunday when she also goes picking through people’s recycling on the curb for cans and bottles. The lucky people find the nails and screws before they go out driving, but others have had their tires pop on the expressway.”

10. Beware, the Unripe Avocados

Warning that avocados are rock hard
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That system’s usefulness goes out the window when it’s used for non-emergencies with the wrong label. Take avocados at Whole Foods, for example. Despite the 16 replies, it seems folks were all too ready to share their opinions on that one.

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11. The Audacity of This Awful Neighbor

Parked in neighbor's walkway
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This picture just makes your blood boil. These awful neighbors would never be caught dead parking on the street. They wish to be on the sidewalk. However, they took over someone’s pathway in the process.

12. So Whose Cat Is It?

Awful neighbor stole their cat
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One awful neighbor thought they found a cat one day. Instead of putting up posters to find the owner, they assumed it was a homeless cat. However, when the cat went to visit its real owner, they got seriously defensive.

13. Sore Looser

Court of Law and Justice Trial Session: Imparcial Honorable Judge Pronouncing Sentence, striking Gavel. Focus on Mallet, Hammer. Cinematic Shot of Dramatic Not Guilty Verdict. Close-up Shot.
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This Reddit user, u/shelldubbs, described how their parents had partaken in an election. However, their neighbor happened to be their opponent and didn’t take losing so well. They took their parents to court. They wrote, “Took my parents to court because he lost in our HOA chairman election. Some people just have too much free time,” they wrote. “He actually demanded we pay his legal fees after he lost in court. Twice.”

14. They Did Their Part

Snow swept from half the stairs
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I mean, seriously, it wouldn’t have been a big deal for this neighbor to finish shoveling the other half of the stairs. It’s not like it’s a whole new set of stairs; it’s just the other side of what they were already working on! But nope, they decided to leave that task for their neighbor to handle. Go figure!

15. You Ladder Is In My Way

The ladder in the way
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Well, here’s the deal: this person is using the back of their truck as a storage spot for a ginormous ladder. What’s even more frustrating is that it’s pretty obvious they could park closer and save the neighbor from ladder dodging, but nope, they’re not going for it. Honestly, it’s a bit of a risky move if you ask me.

16. Aweful Neighbors in Denial

Awful neighbor broke in
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Being neighborly is one thing. It isn’t odd to borrow the odd cup of sugar or maybe some milk from the people next door. But, to help yourself to their home just because you know where their spare key is stashed is another.

17. You Were Warned

Chat between neighbors
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Let’s not forget, that it’s pretty clear that these neighbors are past the point of no return in terms of getting along. It’s like this car tow is just the grand finale of an ongoing feud they’ve been having. But you’ve got to hand it to them, sending condolences for a car they’ve just towed does take some real wit.

18. She Must Be Joking?

Female Traffic Police Officer Recording Details Of Road Traffic Accident On Mobile Phone
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Reddit user, u/fluffybabypuppies, went through an ordeal where their neighbor pretended to be a cop. Their awful neighbor didn’t like how they pulled out of their driveway. She threatened to have them arrested for it. The Reddit user wrote, “[She] pulled us over pretending to be a police officer, saying that we had somehow broken the law whilst pulling out of our driveway and that she was “going to call it in.,” They added, “She isn’t a cop…”

19. You Should Break Up

Someone telling her neighbors to break up
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After listening to their neighbors argue again and again, they decided to hit ’em up. But when they did, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, so they decided to get a bit ruthless. They went on this crazy long rant about why breaking up was the way to go, all to save time, or so they claimed.

20. The No Pets Seems To Be False

Couch for sale with cat
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This neighbor saw a sofa for sale. It tantalized their interest because the ad said “no pets.” However, on closer inspection, they saw the awful neighbor’s lie.

21. A for Effort

Litter covered street with couch
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It’s one thing for your kids to leave a few toys out, or maybe your dog chewed up the newspaper. However, these awful neighbors leave their house looking like the trashcan blew over.

22. She Stole My Berries!

Ripe blueberry fruits on the plantation. Abundance of berries on the bush. High yielding northern highbush variety.
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This person on Reddit (u/TheEffingRiddler) had an awful neighbor who stole her blueberry bushes. She saw her blueberries and raspberries were missing, and she finally located them in her neighbor’s garden. The Reddit user wrote, “My crazy neighbor took my new blueberry and raspberry bushes and stuck them in her yard. She replaced them with sticks she found.”

23. Do You Smell It?

Chat between neighbors
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This neighbor just had to point out that they heard a fart through the wall. So, their neighbor joked and asked if it was stinky. It’s not easy to tell who is the awful neighbor here.

24. Accusations Running Wild from Awful Neighbors

Accusation from neighbor
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This person was accused by their neighbors of stealing a trashcan from their house. However, the neighbor neglected to consider the weather being the culprit. Wind and rain can have a devastating effect.

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25. “No Calls, Only Texts!” Says My Awful Neighbors

Complaint from neighbor
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Living in a semi-detached, or townhouse living can be tricky. No one likes a neighbor who throws parties all the time. However, this person shared a conversation between them and their awful neighbor who can’t even handle it when they are on the phone with their family or friends.

26. Awful Neighbors That Park Badly

Badly parked RV
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And just to add fuel to the anger fire, this RV didn’t decide to camp out in that spot for just one night. Nope, the neighbor in question thought it was a good idea to park that RV like this, not for days, but for months on end! Imagine how infuriating that must have been for the RV owner, not to mention these poor, put-out neighbors.

27. Awful Neighbors That Think Racoons Are Cats

Neighbor thought racoon was a cat
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This neighbor thought the raccoon was a cat and blamed their neighbor for letting it venture onto their lawn. They are a little confused.

28. Stupid Acorns

Acorns on the pavement in autumn . Oak seeds in fall season
Credit: Shutterstock

u/konqueror321, from Reddit, experienced an unnecessarily angry and awful neighbor. It seems that she thinks they have superpowers and she can control what an oak tree does. The Reddit User wrote, “Next-door lady standing on her driveway yelling at me because acorns have fallen from a large oak tree on my property onto the said driveway, demanding that I cause the tree to cease and desist from this intentional criminal activity.

29. Awful Neighbors Make Petty Payment

Wheelbarrow full of pennies
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This family’s dog was attacked by their neighbor’s Great Dane. So, naturally, they asked for some cash to cover the vet bills and help their pup recover. But you know what these neighbors did? They agreed but handed over the money in a load of pennies, just to make things even more frustrating.

30. Entertainment From Next Door

Chat between neighbors
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This is an example of awful neighbors in both parts. No one likes to have neighbors who can’t stop bickering. It can be seriously draining to have to listen to their angry voices all the time. However, this awful neighbor went as far as to listen to them argue and laugh.

31. Not a Care in the World

Rude Neighbor insulting a kid
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Sadly, this person reached their breaking point. They didn’t just want to say, “Hey, your kid’s clarinet is loud,” no, they had to make it crystal clear just how terrible it was. It was so bad that they wished the next session could be over faster than a microwave minute.

32. Blamed For The Birds

Confident, charismatic, handsome man winks his eye and cracks a hard nut. Close up head shot of a young ginger guy demonstrating his healthy teeth and trying to crack a walnut. Dental health concept

u/NarcolepticKnitter on Reddit had an interesting experience with their awful neighbor. She said:

The old lady who lived below me left me multiple cryptic letters blaming me for the birds chirping too loudly in the mornings. Not pet birds. The sparrows and others outside. This went on for months.  found one of the notes, “AGAIN, your bird dodo is on my railings, bird seeds on my porch & chairs, & your birds are ruining my nite rest, we hours of the morning, birds in your feeder chirping.” (bird feeder was gone at this point)

33. Neighbor Enjoys their Eye-C

Chat between two neighbors
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No one likes to be woken up early on a weekend. It should be the one time during the week that they get to sleep in. Not for these people. Their awful neighbor likes to call in their hot gardener super early on Saturdays.

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34. Ghost For Sale!

Sales advertisement
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This man simply couldn’t part from the ghost in his house. After some spooky events, he managed to trap it in a jar. But, now the conundrum was how to get rid of it without missing on a great deal.

35. Just a Small Favor

Request from a neighbor
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This neighbor seems to be desperately trying to escape some family antics. Either that or it is just an excuse to get their neighbor to act like they’re romantically involved.

36. Awful Neighbor Just Helped herself inside!

Someone sleeping on a  couch
Image credit: Pexels

u/cmde44 from Reddit described a rather rattling experience with their neighbor. They arrived home after a long drive and woke up to their neighbor shaking them awake. She had let herself in somehow. She wanted to know if the newspaper had arrived or if they just skipped her house. They wrote, “I drove 16 hours straight, pulled in my drive, and crashed on my couch immediately. Must have left the garage door open because I woke up to the neighbor lady shaking me to see if they missed my newspaper delivery that morning also.”

37. No Cooking Allowed

Instructions from neighbor
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But here’s where it gets seriously over the top. This person insisted that any kind of cooking, like, set off their mystery allergies. Their solution? They straight-up asked their neighbors to never cook again. They even threw in “not cooking” as a backup plan for those times when cooking was unavoidable! Like, seriously?

38. Aweful Neighbors That Feed the Ducks

Ducks in a lawn
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You’ve got to give them props for their love of the neighborhood ducks, but their habit of feeding them had an interesting twist. It kept the ducks content, but it also kept them sticking around. One can’t help but wonder if this strategy comes with a bonus of extra bird poop for all the neighboring houses as well.

39. Three Inches is Three Inches, According to Some Awful Neighbors

Angry neighbor complaining
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This person was sticking firmly to their property line. When their neighbor’s kid left their wagon just a tad over the line, this neighbor couldn’t let it slide. He showed his best awful neighborly behavior and ensured the kid’s parents knew what’s what.

40. Texts From Awful Neighbors

Message from angry neighbor
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So, there’s this awful neighbor, right? They got all annoyed by a car alarm and decided to bug this person about it. What’s funny is, this person wasn’t even home, and their car wasn’t around to be the noise culprit. But the neighbors seemed to think they had some superpower to know who was causing the ruckus, even though they weren’t there themselves. Go figure!