A 9-year-old girl named Elysia made a remarkable discovery.

A 9-year-old girl named Elysia made a remarkable discovery.

Elysia was peacefully playing in the yard on a hot day when she discovered something odd in the grass.

Elysia remarked, “I just saw some pink legs.”

The girl initially assumed it was a toy that had been left in the grass, but when she went closer, she discovered it was not a doll since it was alive and moving.

She then thought that it may be a piglet because her family keeps pigs and other animals on a farm where they reside.

The girl called her mother right away after taking a closer look.

As Elysia and her mother got closer, they were startled! In the grass lay a newborn baby that had been abandoned,  a young girl. Her placenta and umbilical cord were next to her, and she was completely naked. The baby’s skin was scorched by the sun since it was so hot outside.

She was taken right away to the closest hospital. The girl is found to be healthy and free from any risk at the time of the initial checkup by the doctor. It appears that the little child was left behind the previous evening, leaving her in the yard of Elysa’s household, vulnerable and alone.

The hunt for the biological mother got under way when the police were informed. The infant is currently living in a foster family.

She was fortunate that Elysia discovered her so that she might be rescued.