A news reporter in Orlando gives an emotional account of the shooting that killed a fellow reporter; a 9-year-old girl also perished in the shooting spree in Orlando.

An Orlando news reporter describes the incident that claimed the life of another reporter; a 9-year-old child was also slain in the gun rampage.

Luana Munoz, a WESH news reporter, was seen sobbing and crying on live television as she covered an earlier that day shooting spree in Orlando. In the shooting rampage, three people died, including a fellow news reporter named Dylan Lyons, and two more suffered serious injuries.

Lyons was conducting his daily activities. A Florida man named Keith Moses was eventually identified as the person who had shot and killed a woman he knew earlier that day. Lyons was in the middle of reporting on the crime scene when Moses suddenly reappeared and shot Lyons.

Moses also injured his behind-the-camera coworker, who is currently in critical condition. Although they both worked for Spectrum News 13, the victims don’t seem to be connected to the suspect. Later that evening, Munoz learned of Lyons’ passing and made her way to the hospital where he passed away to deliver her report.

“All right, I’m sorry. “This is extremely difficult to cover,” Munoz remarked, wiping tears from her eyes and trembling her voice. “It’s an emotional situation at [Orlando Regional Medical Center]. I won’t flip the camera since others here know the reporter – his fiancee and I were hugging.”

She remarked on how good it is to see media members join in solidarity following the Orlando shooting spree – calling it ‘every reporter’s worst fear. “We go home at night fearful that something like this may happen, and that is exactly what happened here,” she said. Lyons was 24 years old at the time.

“Now here we are again at [ORMC], where we have learned that a fellow reporter has died while out covering a shooting. There are members of his family and his fiancée here who are heartbroken tonight,” she stated before sending it off to the studio to ‘gather herself.’

The shooter recognized Nathacha Augustin, the victim from earlier that day. Just a few hours later, Moses returned to the scene and shot and killed Lyons while injuring his colleague. Moses shot and killed her at 11 a.m. Moses was taken into custody and is currently facing additional accusations, including murder.

Unfortunately, the shooting spree in Orlando continued. Moments after shooting and killing Dylan Lyons, the shooter entered a nearby house and started his rampage. After being shot inside their home, a mother and her 9-year-old daughter were both killed; the mother is in critical condition.

Authorities do not yet know why the victims were killed, and they think the shooter was unrelated to either the mother or the 9-year-old child. They are currently evaluating all of the information, and an investigation is ongoing to piece together what happened. Orlando has been rocked by the tragedy.

Moses, who is only 19 years old, has a criminal history, including allegations of drug paraphernalia possession in November 2021 and a misdemeanor for narcotics possession. He was also detained by police for severe battery, assault, and grand theft throughout his teenage years.

“We are saddened by the loss of our colleague and the other lives that were senselessly lost today. During this tragic time, our thoughts are with our employee’s families, friends, and coworkers. “We remain optimistic that our other injured colleague will make a full recovery,” Spectrum News said.