A pregnant woman takes a gorgeous image — but look who appears on the right! 

Capturing treasured pregnancy moments is an excellent method for expectant parents to experience the feelings and joy of beginning a new chapter in their lives.

It allows individuals to capture these fleeting moments in time and preserve them for all time. It’s the ideal way to chronicle the process of bringing a new life into the world.

While every mother’s pregnancy is unique, some images stand out.

Dan Mozer, a 30-year-old father-to-be, came up with the concept of photographing the most beautiful moments of his wife’s pregnancy on Jacksonville, Florida’s renowned Atlantic Beach.

The beach is a favorite destination for locals because it is close to their homes. Its tranquil atmosphere and picturesque setting make it a perfect site for relaxing, strolling, or shooting photographs.

The prospect of having their pregnancy photos taken in such a beautiful setting piqued the couple’s interest. They took full advantage of the beach’s natural beauty, capturing the essence of their passionate love and the excitement of the new arrival.

The couple and their family and friends will treasure these pictures for a very long time. Dan was feeling particularly creative when he decided to take pictures of his wife Angelina with the breathtaking ocean as a backdrop.

Dan clicked away on his camera as she stood before the mighty waves, a radiant smile on her face. He had no idea he was about to capture an incredible event that would leave him speechless.

Dan was reviewing his images when he saw something unusual in the backdrop of one of them.

He had accidentally recorded a dolphin leaping gracefully out of the water behind Angelina, creating a magnificent and magical photograph. The timing couldn’t have been better, and Dan immediately realized that he had taken the photo of a lifetime.

The photo clearly showed Angelina’s baby tummy and the breathtaking beauty of the ocean surrounding her. But it was the emergence of the dolphin that elevated the photograph.

Dan felt tremendously lucky to have captured the photograph, which exemplified nature’s beauty and unpredictability. The picture became a treasured keepsake, a remembrance of the uplifting and fantastic moment when Dan, Angelina, and the dolphin all came together in perfect harmony.

Dan was not shocked to find dolphins because he knew their presence. But he didn’t anticipate catching an image of a dolphin leaping in the backdrop of a photograph while his pregnant wife posed for it.

“Oh, my God!” he shouted as he saw the sight. Unfortunately, his wife did not see the amusing creature.

Dan told the fascinating story of how he managed to get an outstanding photo. He recalls hearing someone shouting that dolphins were in the sea, and they could see the beasts’ dorsal fins.

A gorgeous marine mammal jumped out of the water unexpectedly, giving Dan enough time to get an outstanding photograph.

Dan preferred the first image above the second because the dolphin did two jumps. One can only wonder if the dolphin knew what was happening and purposefully posed for the photograph.

Many people have recommended that the couple rename their son Dolph Finn because he appears to be a dolphin whisperer. However, Dan and Angelina have decided not to change their child’s name.

Dan’s incredible photograph is undeniably breathtaking and has since gone viral. If you like the photo, spread the word by sharing it with your friends and family.