After Husband Saved Her Drowning Cubs, This Bear Did Something Amazing

After a mother bear left her cubs for dead in the middle of a bitterly cold lake, the cubs were in desperate need of a hero to come and save them. Fortunately, there happened to be some fishermen nearby, who discovered them and, consequently, decided to embark on a rescue mission – but did they succeed?

At this point, this story takes a painful turn. Mother bears are considered to be selfless animals, willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their young when their maternal instincts kick in. This, however, was not the case for this particular mother bear.

Regardless of her initial intentions, she ultimately ditched her cubs and started to swim away, leaving them helpless in the water. This decision might come as a surprise to wildlife observers, however, when it’s a question of life and death in the wild, survival instincts tend to override maternal ones, as was the case with this mama bear.

21. Heavy Lifting

The first cub was caught in the net, and brought closer and closer until they eventually got it onto the boat! This was just the beginning, as they had to make sure the bears would not get injured in the process.

They also had to ensure that the cubs wouldn’t decide to use what little strength they had left to attack the fishermen. Even though the fishermen had good intentions, the scared cubs might not realise that and attack them out of fear.