American Nurse and Daughter Kidnapped in Haiti: Eyewitnesses Reveal Chilling Details of Their Abduction

While performing work in Haiti, an American mother and her child were allegedly abducted. The mother and her daughter were taken, by armed men who then demanded a ransom.

Alix Dorsainvil, an American nurse who works for the christian humanitarian group El Roi Haiti, was abducted in Haiti on July 27, 2023, along with her daughter.

The location of the couple’s disappearance is thought to be close to Port-au-Prince, the nation’s capital.

The nonprofit organization where the nurse works was founded by her husband, Sandro Dorsainvil, who also serves as its head of operations. She was residing in Port-au-Prince and working at a school run by her husband’s group.

According to El Roi Haiti, the nurse and her daughter were abducted from their campus outside Port-au-Prince in the early hours of the morning as she was “serving in our community ministry.” The site includes a medical clinic, a school, and other facilities.

After the 2010 earthquake, the New Hampshire woman went to Haiti for the first time as a college student. She then “fell in love” with the populace of the nation. In 2020, the nurse moved into the organization’s school in Port-au-Prince and began living there.

According to a quotation from Jason Brown, the president and co-founder of El Roi Haiti Outreach International, who made the statement on July 29, 2023, she is “a deeply compassionate and loving person who considers Haiti her home and the Haitian people her friends and family.”

In addition, Brown mentioned how Sandro’s wife worked tirelessly in their school and acted as a community nurse who helped many people in need. She was rumored to have loved the people of Haiti and been an important member of her neighborhood.

The US State Department stated it is aware of the kidnapping reports on the same day Brown’s statement regarding the missing woman posted on the group’s website. The Haitian authorities, with whom they are collaborating to solve the case, were also contacted by the State Department.

The public was advised not to contact the family for remarks, despite the fact that the expressions of support are very much appreciated. Days after she vanished without a trace, information about how the mother and her daughter were abducted and by whom was made public.

How and Who Kidnapped Alix and Her Daughter?

The location of Alix Dorsainvil and her daughter were unknown as of August 1, 2023, it was disclosed. 200 Haitians protested in Port-au-Prince the day prior to express their outrage about the kidnapping of the nurse and her child.

As a result of witnesses describing what they observed during the kidnapping, gang violence has gotten worse in the capital. Lormina Louima, a patient who came in for her routine checkup at the tiny brick clinic where Alix worked, was startled to see armed men storm in and grab the nurse.

When the intruders produced a gun, Louima was in the line of people waiting. She begged to be released after being caught completely off guard because she didn’t want to be held responsible by the males as a witness. One million dollars in ransom was demanded by the men for the nurse and her child, according to other residents of the neighborhood.

The US State Department advised citizens to stay away from visiting Haiti on the day the nurse was abducted. In order to express their outrage at having someone so important to the community unfairly abducted by thieves, protesters held cardboard posters in Creole. Someone wrote:

“She is doing good work in the community. free her (sic).”

The US State Department stated that kidnappings are not a recent occurrence in the nation and that criminal elements frequently target US citizens. The violence sweeping their nation has many Haitians furious because they merely want to live in peace.