Beautiful Angelica is now a senior granny!: The present appearance of Mercier came as a surprise

This is what age and years have done to iconic Michele Mercier! 😕😥 The actress embraced natural ageing and showed what she looks like at 83! 🧐😱

The angelically beautiful actress who played Angelica stole the hearts of millions of men. The fans of the iconic star have been wondering what the outstanding actress looks like at 83. Her present appearance came as a big surprise.

It is quite clear that the legendary movie star hasn’t undergone plastic surgery and decided to embrace natural ageing. While many expressed their disappointment and dissatisfaction, her loyal fans rushed to stand up for their favorite film star.

«Most importantly, she looks happy», «This is what embracing natural ageing looks like!», «Not only talented and charismatic, but also incredibly beautiful and charming!».

«It’s time to see a beautician!», «From an angelic beauty to an ugly duckling», «Nothing left of the former beauty!», «Is this a joke? She looks nothing like her».