Billie Eilish mourns death of childhood dog Pepper: “My lifelong best friend”

A pet dog can be the most important thing in the world, regardless of who you are.

Even the most famous celebrities rely on their pets’ unconditional love.

Billie Eilish, a pop sensation, just bid farewell to a pet dog she kept for nearly her entire life, and fans are mourning alongside her.

Rest in peace, Pepper

The Grammy-winning “Bad Guy” singer, 21, revealed the death of her dog Pepper on Instagram on Sunday. Eilish stated in the caption that Pepper lived to be 15 years old.

Pepper had been with her for the majority of her life, from childhood to international renown. Over the years, Eilish has posted images of the two of them together:

“Pepper. my life long best friend. i will see you again someday sweet girl,” Eilish wrote. “I love you. rest easy mama, i’ll miss you forever.”

Eilish described it as a “very hard day,” and many friends and admirers expressed their sorrow. The post has been “liked” over 6.4 million times and has received over 68,000 comments, including from Katy Perry and Demi Lovato.

Billie Eilish is well-known for her love of animals and her support of animal rights movements. She is a vegan who has spoken out against the dairy and meat sectors, as well as the usage of mink fur in the beauty and fashion industries.

When Oscar de la Renta clothed her for the Met Gala in 2021, she persuaded the brand to discontinue using fur in their designs.

“I find it shocking that wearing fur isn’t completely outlawed at this point in 2021,” Eilish said at the time, “I’m honored to have been a catalyst and to have been heard on this matter. I urge all designers to do the same.” She was honored by PETA in 2019.

During the covid-19 quarantine in 2020, she fostered pit bulls and eventually adopted one.

Losing a pet, especially one you’ve owned since childhood, is always devastating. During this difficult moment, our thoughts are with Billie Eilish.

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