Bride Demands to Kick Her Mother-in-Law Out of Wedding for Her Dress – Groom Takes Mom’s Side

A man with the username “Low_Kale1618” posted a query on Reddit in July 2022, soon after tying the knot with the woman he loved the most. His question was regarding something unusual that happened on his wedding day.

Before jumping to the main story, the man shared a bit about his wife’s relationship with his mother, saying they did not get along well since the time he wasn’t married to his wife.

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The man said his mother had “many issues” with his wife, which made him consider not inviting her to his wedding. According to the man, his mother did not support his and his wife’s decisions.

However, the couple decided to invite the older woman because they thought she should be a part of their big day. Moreover, they believed she never did things that would attract other people’s attention or make them feel embarrassed in front of their guests.

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The man shared that whenever his mother and wife argued, he always sided with his wife, especially in front of his mother. However, there was something about his wife that really bothered him. He confessed: “One thing my wife does that drives me crazy is nitpick my mother’s clothing and assume there is always a subliminal message.”

What Happened during the Wedding?

The man recalled that his wife was offended when she saw his mother’s dress at the rehearsal dinner before their big day. He thought his mother’s dress was appropriate for the event, but his wife believed she shouldn’t have worn the dress with cutouts on the sides.

Besides the dress, the man’s wife objected to his mother’s eye-catching headband because it seemed to have more jewels than their wedding ring. The man said in his post:

“One of her bridesmaids wore a fancier crop top and skirt combo, and she (the wife) wasn’t offended by that.”

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The man didn’t react much to his wife’s objections that day, unaware she would also have issues with his mother’s dress on their wedding day. Everything was going well on his big day until his wife objected to his mother’s black dress, saying people usually wear black at funerals. He said:

“I’ve never even heard of that being a taboo thing.”

To paint a clearer picture for other users on Reddit, the man described his mother’s dress as “a nice lacey one-sleeve cocktail dress.” He specified that it was not something a woman would wear to someone’s funeral.

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The bride was so offended by her mother-in-law’s dress that she asked the man to tell his mother to change her clothes or leave their wedding. She didn’t want to see the older woman in a black dress on such a special occasion.

How Did the Man React to the Situation?

The man thought wearing black at a wedding was okay because he had seen bridesmaids wearing black at his father’s wedding in the past. He had no idea that people could object to it.

While confessing that he might be wrong to reject his wife’s request on her big day, the man said he did not kick his mother out of their wedding or ask her to change her dress. Instead, he told his wife that his mother did not wear black to hurt them deliberately.

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“While I know she (his mother) has been a jerk in the past, I think she would have worn that even if she liked us,” the man said in his Reddit post. This was one of the few times when the man sided with his mother instead of his wife.

After refusing his wife’s request, the man felt terrible because his decision had hurt her. She expected him to “have her back” on their wedding day, but the man didn’t feel it was reasonable to fulfill his wife’s request.

To make it up to her, the man came up with an idea. He offered to pay extra to the photographer with a request to change the color of his mother’s dress in the wedding photos. However, he didn’t have to do that because his mother wasn’t there in the family photos.

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The man posted about the incident on Reddit to ask others if he was at fault for not kicking his mother out of the wedding or asking her to change because his wife objected to her dress.

Do you think the man was at fault? What would you have done if you were in his place? We would love to know your opinions regarding wearing black while attending weddings.