Bride Gets The Ugliest RSVP And The Internet Is Furious

There is a universal truth that everyone who has ever gotten married is well aware of. It doesn’t have to do with tradition or even with the relationship, it has to do with price.

There’s no denying the fact that weddings are expensive and if you aren’t careful, they can quickly get out of hand. That is why some people have to limit the number of guests they have at the wedding and reception, but it isn’t always easy to do.

That is what happened to the bride in this story, but it wasn’t only because of money, it was also due to the pandemic. They had everything set up for a wedding, including the date and venue but they just didn’t have the circumstances to bring everyone in.

After considering carefully who they would invite, they decided that it would be limited, at best. After getting the worst RSVP of all time, she went onto share her story.

This happened back in 2020, so it was during the time when COVID was at its worst. There was no vaccine and people were concerned about getting together in large groups.

To make matters even more clear, she called one of her uncles to let him know he couldn’t come to the wedding. She wasn’t doing it to be mean, in her words, he is ‘kinda sickly’ so he couldn’t come due to COVID. He was fine with it.

Then there was Aunt Edith. She may be healthy on the outside but it seems as if she has some issues on the inside.

After Aunt Edith got her invitation, she noticed that it didn’t include her longtime boyfriend, Danny. She could have selected yes or no on the invitation but she decided to write notes all over it and send it back.

She called it rude and hurtful, adding that the invitation shouldn’t have been sent. She then added Uncle Danny’s name to the RSVP and sent it back.

People were understandably upset with the situation and there were plenty of suggestions on how she should handle it. Most of them did not have anything nice to say about Aunt Edith.

I guess you can please some people some of the time but you can’t please everyone all of the time.