Caroline Kennedy and her husband of 36 years, Edwin Schlossberg, have raised three wonderful children

One of the most well-known American families in history is without a question the Kennedy one. The country saw a welcome transformation when John Kennedy was elected president.

Millions of people adored and respected him. His administration was known as the “Camelot Presidency” because it inspired many aspiring politicians.

Jackie Kennedy, his wife, rose to fame as a national treasure. When she assumed the position of FLOTUS, she was a young woman who exuded optimism and was incredibly elegant and articulate.

Since they had young children, Jackie set out on a quest to preserve the White House and make it kid-friendly by adding a treehouse and swings.

After finishing her work on the White House, she offered a tour of the building that was broadcast by CBS and seen by more than 80 million people. Jackie received an honorary Emmy Award for her efforts.

Caroline, John’s daughter, had just turned four years old when he was elected president. The Kennedys had three children together; Patrick Bouvier, the youngest, died at the age of barely two days.

Caroline described how she used to go to her father’s office every morning and would be “making construction paper necklaces, eating candy, and running around his desk.”

When her father was fatally shot in November of 1963, the girl’s entire world was flipped upside down.

Jackie was left to raise her children alone while her family was the center of attention as the entire nation lamented the passing of their beloved president.

Jackie relocated to Georgetown and eventually New York City to give Caroline and John F. Kennedy Jr. some privacy.

“She was absolutely protective of us,” Caroline told The Boston Globe when speaking of her mother, adding that Jackie’s kids were “the most important thing to her.”

After starting school, Caroline pursued her college studies at Radcliffe College, which is now a part of Harvard. She developed a passion for photography and later interned at the New York Daily News. She also spent the summers working as a nonpartisan intern for her uncle, U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy.

People were somewhat intimidated by her when she began her internship at the magazine since they didn’t recognize her as Caroline but rather as the late president’s daughter.

Sadly, no matter how much she enjoyed being a photographer, she was forced to quit because “she could never make her living observing other people because they were too busy watching her.”

In 1988, Caroline graduated with a bachelor’s degree and commenced employment at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. At the same time, she was chosen to serve as president of the nonprofit John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, whose mission is to support the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum with funding, human resources, and staffing.

She held many positions, including chief executive of the New York City Department of Education Office of Strategic Partnerships and member of the national board of directors for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

Her influence in politics grew steadily. Caroline allegedly entered the contest for Caroline’s Senate seat when Hillary Clinton ran for president, but she later withdrew for unspecified reasons.

Caroline was named U.S. ambassador to Japan in 2013, and she served in that capacity until 2017. In May 2022, she was chosen to serve as the American ambassador to Australia.

Caroline said to CNN of her father and the part he played in American history, “He is a historical figure.

“I miss him every day of my life. But, growing up without him was made easier thanks to all of the people who kept him in their hearts.”

When it comes to her personal life, Caroline tends to keep it private, if that’s even possible.

She has been married to husband Edwin Schlossberg since 1963. Schlossberg has served as part of the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, after being appointed by former President Barack Obama. He has written 11 books and has a Ph.D. in Science and Literature from Columbia University. One thing we know about him is that he doesn’t want to be under the spotlight.

“Publicity doesn’t interest me,” he told Chicago Tribune. “The thing that interests me is work. We’re living in a culture that if you spend a lot of time thinking about what other people think about you, it distracts you from what you care about. I like what I do, and that’s what interests me.”

Together, the marriage raised three children: Rose, an actress, Tatiana, a journalist covering the environment, and Jack, a Harvard Law and Harvard Business School alumnus and lawyer.

Recently, Caroline and Edwin became grandparents.

Caroline Kennedy makes every effort to uphold her father’s legacy. She was greatly affected by his death and had to deal with grief and drama for many years, but she now has a wonderful life and is very successful in what she does.