Child draws ‘family picture’ – teacher immediately calls emergency meeting when she sees what he has made

As a parent, you may frequently receive a call from your child’s school; for many parents, this is of little concern.

These parents, however, received a frantic phone from their child’s school requesting an urgent meeting. The purpose of hte meeting was something you wouldn’t believe…

Recently, a father blogged about his interactions with his son’s school. His youngster sketched something in class that really worried his instructor, who then called an urgent meeting with the boy’s parents.

The situation developed in a humorous way, which inspired the amused father to share about it on Facebook so other people might laugh along with him. His Facebook status stated., “Our six-year-old handed us a note. His teacher had called my wife and I in for an emergency meeting. We asked our son if he had any idea why and he said, ‘She didn’t like a drawing I did’.”

“We went in the next day and his teacher pulled out the drawing and said, ‘I asked him to draw his family and he drew this, would you mind explaining?’”

Four persons with what looked to be cords around their necks were shown in the illustration. Anyone who doesn’t know anything about the family would understandably be alarmed if they saw that drawing.

The parents did not even notice that the photo would require an explanation; they did not even bat an eye. The father promptly responded, assuaging the teacher’s concerns, “We were snorkeling off the Bahamas.”

However, there was discussion online over whether the teacher’s position was justified in doing this.

“This is bloody hysteria,” one person wrote. “Seriously, who needs that drama.”

“Emergency meeting over this? I know it’s not the best drawing but I think it’s pretty clear…” another user wrote. 

“What kind of teacher was this?” another wondered. “Children are innocent… they take pleasure from innocent drawings.

Some users believed the teacher acted appropriately, though. A user commented, “I would want to know, even if it’s a false alarm… it’s better safe than sorry.”

Someone else brought out how the meeting may have been avoided if the teacher had simply asked the child. The user inserted,  “As a teacher, I would have asked the kid what it was. The kid would have said snorkeling. End of story.”

Others, however, insisted that it was preferable to be cautious than sorry. Someone wrote, “It doesn’t matter what they say, the kid is six. You have to perform due diligence.”

Then this person concluded, “The teacher did the right thing. These interventions have saved lives. Seriously.”

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