Chubby Checker’s interracial marriage to beauty queen Catharina Lodders is still going strong after 57 years

Chubby Checker, an American rock and roll singer and dancer, has been delighting us for 80 years with his special talent.

He’s maybe most known for popularising dance moves like the Twist and the Pony, but he’s also well-known for smash hits like “Let’s Twist Again.”

Checker, who was born in 1941 in South Carolina and was raised in South Philadelphia’s projects, rapidly realised that one of his greatest talents was mimicry. By high school, he was entertaining his peers by channelling Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, and Fats Domino.

Music executives wanted Checker to record his own version of “The Twist,” which Hank Ballard had originally written and sung, after Checker joined with Cameo-Parkway Records in 1959.

When Checker published his version of the song along with a dance routine, it immediately became popular.Due to the flexibility it afforded partners to separate on the dance floor, “The Twist” was a groundbreaking dance style.

Since then, he’s had 34 hits including the first Grammy-winning rock & roll tune. A former beauty queen named Catharina Lodders and he have been happily married for 57 years, despite several challenges in their relationship.

When the couple got married in 1964 it was the same year the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had been introduced. The act meant that restrictions on voting rights for African-Americans were lifted and segregation in the army, education and basic public services fell but bans on interracial marriage still remained.

File:Chubby Checker and bride-wedding reception 1964.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

This restriction wasn’t abolished until three years after their marriage.

When people found out he was marrying a white woman, he told Philadelphia Magazine in 2015: “I didn’t care. There is no colour to love.

The couple nonetheless got married at Temple Lutheran Church in Pennsauken, New Jersey, despite this enormous hurdle. When they got married, the couple was 22 years old. Their wedding ceremony was handled by Rev. George L. Garver, who made no mention of the couple’s mixed-race union.

When Jet Magazine interviewed Checker and his wife a few months after their wedding to see how marriage was going, they were the picture of contentment.

Checker declared that he adored his marriage and assured Lodders that it would endure in any circumstance.

Checker claimed that although his wife was aware of the racial issues in America, she didn’t care. He claimed that because they shared a similar outlook on life, they got along great and had a blast together.

Just one month after her tenure as Miss World came to an end, in December 1963, Checkers proposed to Lodders at his parents’ house. They had first met in Manila in January 1962.

In 1962, the same year she won Miss Holland, the Dutch model created history by becoming Miss World in London at the age of just 20.

Checker and Lodders encountered prejudice when they first tried to buy a new home in Philadelphia during the early months of their marriage, but they weren’t deterred and in 1965 they bought a house outside of Philadelphia, where they still live today.

Bianca Johanna Evans, WNBA player Mistie Bass, and musician Shan Egan are three successful offspring of their 57-year marriage, which has been sustained by their love and understanding. They have seven grandchildren altogether.

According to a 2016 Herald-Tribune article, Checker and Lodders paid a visit to Garver, the former priest who presided over their wedding on his 100th birthday.

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