Confused home owner comes back from week out of town to find his house clean – then he discovers what has happened

The fear of being burgled when we are out of time often enters our minds as we leave our homes to go on vacation. The majority of people try to ignore that thought.

But a man from Hattiesburg who had been away was in for the shock of his life when he returned.

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A homeless man in Hattiesburg made the decision to move into an empty house he discovered on Adeline Street. Robert Otis, a homeless man, discovered the vacant house while the owner was away for a week.

The owner, who requested anonymity, told the media that when he returned home, he found it not only occupied but also being lived in! He observed that his house was tidy.

He noticed that there was cooked food in his fridge as soon as he walked inside his house and that someone had folded their laundry onto the chair in the living room.

He went outside and discovered Otis sweeping the area around his pool. Otis replied that he worked for the pool company when he was asked who he was. The homeowner did not, however, hire a pool service to maintain his pool.

The homeowner was compelled to get his handgun in response and hold Otis until the Hattiesburg police officers arrived. After that, Otis was taken into custody and accused of residential burglary.

The owner claimed that Otis had eaten his shrimp, chicken, and sausage as well as cleaned his two refrigerators and swept and mopped the floors of his residence. Along with cleaning his stovetop, Otis. He had also taken a shower, washed his clothes, and slept in his own bed, according to the statement.

Owner, who asked to remain unnamed, claimed to have “swept and mopped the floors, cleaned my two refrigerators, and eaten my shrimp, chicken, and sausage. He wiped down the stovetop. He did his laundry, took a shower, and slept in my bed. He had laid out all of his shoes. He was residing in this space as though he owned it.

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