Dad Posted This Photo Of His Daughter And It Saved Her Life

Taking images of us and our tiny babies is something we enjoy doing as new parents.

The father, however, had no idea that he was about to save his daughter’s life when he snapped a hilarious picture of her.

He found his daughter’s expression humorous as he was taking a picture of her after her first bath, so he online posted the picture.

The comments poured in. A children’s doctor’s remark caught the father’s entire attention: “She’s going to be a rebel and marry a penniless guy without tattoos,” among other amusing comments.

“Are her eyes a little yellow? It looks like it to me, but it’s hard to tell, because the entire photo is a little yellow. It’s probably nothing, but it could be a symptom for neonatal jaundice. If her skin and eyes actually look a little yellow, then maybe you should get it checked out. I’m a paranoid children’s doctor, hence my concern.”

The father was moved by this remark and brought his daughter to the doctor right away. The doctor’s paranoid remark was verified: his infant had jaundice, and the doctor’s ominous remark most likely saved her life!

Jaundice may be frequent in young children, but if it is neglected, it can be fatal or result in serious brain damage.

Although a lot of people think posting and reading comments online is pointless, this time it actually saved a life! Bravo to the meticulous doctor. He is exactly the kind of caring person we need more of.

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