Former circus elephants separated for 22 years, camera catches phenomenal moment they reunite for 1st time

Although some might disagree, I believe that at this point it is necessary to acknowledge the existence of feelings in all animals.

Sure, some more so than others, but the days of merely calling the animals with whom humans share this planet “beasts” are long gone.

Animals are capable of love and pain, of fear and joy, and occasionally pictures or movies will be taken that truly convey how in-tune they are.

One such event was experienced on PBS in 2000 as a result of a tale that immediately went viral around the world.

It is about two ex-circus elephants who had been apart for a staggering 22 years. You don’t want to miss the emotional moment they reunited, which was caught on camera.

Shirley and Jenny the elephants finally get to meet after more than twenty years apart in the video, which was captured at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Although it is common knowledge that elephants have a remarkable memory, the demonstration of love and affection in this video is simply astonishing.

When the two elephants renew a bond that they had when they were both circus performers, even the caretakers are taken aback.

Shirley and Jenny immediately bridge a gap of more than twenty years after seeing one other through the gates.

Watch the astounding footage in the video below:

The planet should be a happy place for all animals.

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