Man Comes Home & Hears His Wife’s Screams from the Bedroom, Realizes She Isn’t Alone

A man believed his marriage was going well until he unexpectedly returned home and discovered his wife spending time with someone else. Later, the spouse-cheating male got in touch with the husband and asked for assistance!

A Reddit member going by the nickname Equivalent_Stock_971 posted his experience in one of the social media forums in February 2021.

He admitted that although he and his wife both worked, they had distinct days off. He once mistakenly thought he was working when he went to work on his day off. He didn’t become upset about it; instead, he laughed about it and spent time with his coworkers before returning home, where he discovered another automobile parked in his position.

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He heard sounds coming from his bedroom when he first entered his house, so he went over to surprise his wife, believing she was having fun by herself. He wasn’t prepared for what he witnessed, and it positively altered the course of his life.

A Husband Arrived Home to Hear His Wife’s Screams

He had been married to his 24-year-old wife for two years and was undergoing EMT training in 2010. They had the same work schedules but separate days off because his wife was a career planner on a Marine installation. According to the poster:

“Forgetting the scheduled switch, I went to work on my day off.”

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He and his friends laughed and played about for an hour at work after realizing their error. It took him 20 minutes to return to his apartment by car, but when he did, a Dodge Challenger was already parked in the same position.

He parked his car elsewhere because there was plenty of room to park, thinking nothing of it, and then quietly entered his house. When he first heard the sounds, he and his wife thought they were from an explicit film.

The Reddit user assumed he would see his wife enjoying fun, but the closer he went to the door, the more he began to recognize the sound as being familiar. He shared:

“Came to my apartment door quietly to surprise my wife, and heard yelling coming from our open bedroom door…”

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He was astonished when he crossed the threshold to witness his wife having sex with another man! The man she was with was forced to leave him and get dressed after his wife noticed him fifteen seconds later.

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The poster contemplated attacking the stranger, getting arrested, or even losing his job but thought against it. Amid the chaos, the poster let the stranger pass, even as his wife shouted angrily at him, wanting to know why he was home.

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She complained about him being home because it was her day off, and he told her every day would be her off day from then.

He was furious when he spotted the man talking on the phone while driving and went upstairs to get his bowling ball to smash something as he was walking downstairs. Seeing that the stranger was departing, his wife moved in front of him and made an effort to stop him.

Despite initially being put off by dating, he fell for another nurse.

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When he got outside, the man had left after he pushed through because he felt sick at the sight of her. The poster wept over everything he had lost. He detested not being able to exact justice. Even while his wife sobbed and repeatedly wanted to chat, he contacted his sister, who he had abandoned to live with.

A few months later, he got his own place and started studying nursing, but while he and his wife went through a divorce, she pitched at his school and aired their dirty laundry.

Even a restraining order failed to stop her from leaving, and eight months after the infidelity, their divorce was practically complete.

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Ironically, the man who had an affair with his wife phoned him out of the blue and asked him to notify his command that Equivalent_Stock_971’s ex-wife was intimidating him because he wanted to become a police officer.

The man was being sued for emotional anguish by the Reddit user’s wife.

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For the purpose of avoiding having to pay alimony, he even promised to assist Equivalent_Stock_971 with the divorce. The poster cursed him out, telling him he deserved everything that came his way, and threatened to report violations of their restraining order if his wife ever revealed his contact information again.

He was originally reluctant to date, but ended himself falling for another nurse. By 2021, he had a son who was a year old and a wonderful wife, and when he saw his ex-wife on social media, she appeared to be doing well as well.