Man Kicks Out Daughter He Raised for 19 Years Because of Her DNA – His Family Says He Should Take Her Back

When he was twenty years old, a man had a lovely baby daughter with his wife. Unaware that his life would completely change roughly 20 years later, the young father supplied for his child and took care of his wife.

As the man’s daughter grew older, he noticed that she was becoming more difficult. After witnessing her fabricate truths to garner attention and stir up controversy, he was worried.

He claimed that his daughter wished to be the focus of attention at all times.

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He urged her to alter her behavior constantly. She refused to listen, despite his belief that she was “digging her own grave” due to her undesirable attitude. He had no idea that her conceited behavior would reveal his wife’s darkest secret.

What Was His Wife Hiding from Him?

When the 39-year-old man discovered something he should have known earlier, he realized everything was good.It was a typical day when his 19-year-old daughter requested $200 from him so that she may accompany her friends to the mall.

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The man tried to discipline her by not giving her any more money because he had already given her some earlier in the month. Like many kids, the girl begged her father in the hopes that he would consent to give her more money.

The male constantly refused, sticking to his guns, and eventually the girl lost her cool. She yelled at him out of frustration, wondering why her mother married a “rich guy” if he couldn’t give her money. In his Reddit post, the person recounted

“I immediately retorted, telling her that I was her father and that I wasn’t some ATM she could just use anytime.”

Before they started shouting at each other, the daughter retorted violently to her father. But she made a mistake and uttered something during their furious exchange that turned the man’s life upside down. Because he wasn’t her biological father, she told him that he was “nothing more than an ATM” for her.

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She was asked why she said that by the shocked man. The girl tried to hide the fact that she had made a serious error by that point, but the man could see something wasn’t right. If she didn’t explain why she believed he wasn’t her father, he threatened to throw her out.

The adolescent had no choice but to tell her father her mother’s greatest secret, not realizing how it would affect their entire household. The girl disclosed that her mother had a profound talk with her after her 18th birthday.She informed the girl that she was essentially certain the man was not her biological father.

“My wife cheated on me with three different people during the conceiving period of her birth,” the man shared in his Reddit post. His wife forbade their daughter from telling him about it because he was “funding their lifestyle.” The woman feared her husband would stop giving them money if he learned the truth.

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The man was devastated to discover how his wife felt about him. He had no idea that the lady he loved had cheated on him for all this time and thought he was enjoying a happy marriage.

What Did He Do Next?

His heart was torn to shreds by the talk he had with his daughter. Before facing his wife, he awaited her arrival at the house. The father was stunned once more when his wife confessed to cheating on him and instructed their daughter to hide it.

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His heart was filled with a tornado of feelings after hearing the confession, including shock, sadness, and rage. He yelled at his wife and ordered her to leave the house immediately with their daughter.

He wouldn’t help his family, so the woman resisted, accusing him of being heartless. She advised him to continue providing for them financially, but after learning of her betrayal, he was too devastated to let his wife live with him.

He kicked his wife and daughter out but gave the girl $200 because he knew she had no money. He didn’t want his daughter to suffer because she wasn’t as much at fault as his wife.

A few days later, the husband contacted his attorney to determine whether he could hold his wife legally responsible for lying to him. She refused to cooperate even though he also wanted to divorce her. A DNA test the man conducted on his daughter revealed he was not her father.

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However, when his wife’s family found out about the circumstance, they requested that he stay with her. They excused her behavior by claiming that she was a young woman at the time of her error, but the man was resolute about leaving her.

“My own family is telling me to take my (step?)daughter back since she was raised like my own,” the man said. He wanted to kick his daughter out because she kept such a big secret from him and “used” him for his money.

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The father asked other people on Reddit if he was to blame for ejecting his wife and daughter after posting his experience there. He sought the assistance of others to educate him with potential options.

“NTA. I’m surprised your lawyer hasn’t told you this but STOP TALKING TO YOUR INLAWS. There is zero benefit to that. I would say stop talking to your wife and her daughter as well,” one user advised the man.

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Another said, “NTA. Your wife had years to fess up and salvage the marriage instead of lying to you in order to keep up her lavish lifestyle. Not because she loved you? Just for the money?”

A user's comment on RepresentativePie815's Reddit post | Source:
A user's comment on RepresentativePie815's Reddit post | Source:

The majority of users on the internet informed the man he wasn’t to blame for ejecting his wife and child.

However, some people thought he shouldn’t be harsh with the girl because she was still a kid. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.