Morgan Wallen’s 2-year-old son rushed to the hospital following an attack from ex-fiancée’s dog

In a heartbreaking turn of events, country music artist Morgan Wallen’s little son was brought to the emergency room after being attacked by the dog of Morgan’s ex-fiancée.

The 30-year-old country singer Morgan Wallen has had a difficult few weeks. He had to postpone many shows in May due to vocal fold damage, and now his family is dealing with yet another terribly heartbreaking incident.

Sunday before last, Wallen’s 2-year-old son Indigo was bitten in the face by a dog and sent to the hospital. The youngster was assaulted by a specific dog, not simply any dog.

Legend, the dog, belongs to KT Smith, Wallen’s former fiancée. A social media personality from Nashville named Smith and Wallen were previously engaged; their son Indigo was born in July 2020.

Smith was the one who initially made the tragic details public in a string of videos uploaded to Instagram.

”Yesterday, he bit Indigo in the face and [Indigo] had to have stitches … we spent yesterday morning at the emergency room,” she began.

Indigo had to have stitches after having his wounds evaluated at the hospital.

Many individuals urged Smith to euthanize the dog after she shared the heartbreaking videos on social media. Many of his supporters believed it to be the only moral thing to do.

Smith adopted the Great Pyrenees dog last year. She claims that the dog, like many other rescue canines, has endured trauma. That was cited by KT as the likely justification for the animal’s hostile conduct.

But when she realized the dog could have to be put to sleep, she started crying. She declined to take her dog to a kill shelter instead, saying that other shelters are already filled, and instead pleaded with her followers for other options.

”Since then, we have been looking for options and I just couldn’t bring myself to do what everyone else says and what you’re supposed to do, apparently … what the world tells you to do is to put the dog down because they are aggressive,” she continued.

After a few hours, Smith declared that she had a solution.

”We just dropped Legend off with the sweetest family where he will be living out his full potential and best life on a farm,” Smith shared. “I couldn’t have asked for a better family for him to be loved on by, and they’re East Tennesseans, so we can visit any time we need to.”

Smith claims that after sharing her story on Instagram, she received many negative responses. We are all aware of how unforgiving social media can be, and this situation was no different.

The influencer from Nashville published a screenshot of a message that read, ”OK no you care more about the f—ing dog than your kid? What’s wrong with you?””

”To be a mom is to care about your child first and find the dog a home away from your kid before they come back into the home,” Smith replied.

”To be a dog mom is to find the best possible home for the dog, knowing that they can thrive in an environment that is meant for them without children.”

We all have a strong desire for our kids to live in safety and security as they grow up. Any parent will attest that losing one of their cherished children is incredibly distressing.

Our thoughts are with the two-year-old son of Morgan Wallen, and we genuinely pray for his quick recovery and the chance to get over this upsetting incident.