My Husband Insisted I Pay For Him and His Entire Family at a Restaurant Although It Was His Celebration

A woman’s husband celebrated his career milestone with his family by dining at a restaurant. When they finished their meal, the man’s wife refused to pay for the check when he asked her to, causing the celebration to go awry.

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Marriage involves sharing responsibilities as husband and wife. Of all the shared responsibilities, finances is always the most sensitive topic. For one couple, their different financial perspectives caused a sudden rift in their relationship.

The woman took to Reddit to seek opinions from others on whether she was wrong for what she did. A celebratory evening took an unexpected turn when the man asked his wife to pay for dinner with his family. While it was his milestone dinner, the woman felt it inappropriate for him to assume that she’d volunteer to pay for it.

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They Had Always Kept Their Finances Separate

They agreed to keep their finances separate for the past three years of the couple’s marriage. The arrangement worked for them initially, but it became an issue during the husband’s celebration.

The woman’s husband received a bonus at work and was delighted. He told his entire family and invited them to celebrate his success with him at a restaurant.

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The man planned it all — he chose the restaurant, the food and drink orders, and everything in between. It was a fun evening as they celebrated the man’s professional achievement. However, when the bill arrived, the woman was stunned.

She expected her husband to cover the expenses since they were celebrating his bonus. Her husband handed her the bill and expected her to pay it. He assumed she’d be willing to contribute to the celebration as some congratulatory gift to him.

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The Man Claimed His Wife Was Bitter

They got into an argument at the restaurant, and her husband went on to call her “visibly bitter.” Even at her husband’s insistence, the woman refused to pay.

She paid for just her meal, and it angered not only her husband but his entire family. There was so much commotion at the restaurant, and she decided to go home alone.

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After the situation, the man’s family bombarded her with unwarranted calls. The atmosphere at home between the man and woman was also clearly strained.

They continued to argue about what happened when the man went home. “He argued that if the roles were reversed and I got a bonus, he’d celebrate me and my achievements and pay for the [expletive] meals after taking me and my family out,” she wrote.

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People on the Internet Sided With the Woman

She asked people on the internet for help and was surprised by the amount of support she received. People assured her nothing was wrong, and she shared the responses with her husband.

Ultimately, it did more harm than good. The woman sharing the comments with her husband intensified their fight, as he reacted defensively to all the judgments he had received online.

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He also slammed the woman for allegedly not sharing the whole story. He wanted the Reddit users to know that his wife earned more than him, but his wife argued her salary wasn’t significantly higher than his, only a little bit.

“This was premeditated manipulation,” one user wrote. “Not to mention if they do argue and a fight happens in front of the family his family now hates her. Which is really hard to deal with when your dating but especially when your [sic] married,” another echoed.

Others couldn’t help but question the husband’s financial planning capabilities given the situation. “The biggest red flag to me is that he apparently COULDNT pay for everyone since they were all arguing about who would pay the bill. That suggests a serious lack of financial planning right there,” one commenter shared.

Do you think the woman was wrong for what she did? What would you have done if you were in the same situation?