Neighbor Repeatedly Makes Man’s Life Difficult until His Wife Finds a Letter to Her Husband

A man lived in a religious neighborhood without sharing the same religion as his neighbors. One particular neighbor of his was critical of everything they did because of their religious difference.

Since moving in, they never interacted with one another. One day, the man’s younger sister brought brownies to their neighbors’ home, only for them to watch the mean neighbor throw the entire plate inside the garbage can.

A man lived in a predominantly religious neighborhood. | Source: Pexels

Frequently, the neighbor told one of his ten children to kick the man’s trash can over. They did this a lot, and the man realized it was a lost cause for him to try and tell him to stop.

After seeing his trash can kicked to the curb again, the man felt an instant annoyance for his mean neighbor. That same day, a friend of his recalled the time he had a pen pal when he was younger.

He began browsing the internet for pen pal sites when he discovered a website that made it possible to write to inmates. While browsing, he saw a man on death row for first-degree murder.

The man began browsing the internet for pen pal sites. | Source: Pexels

What Did the Man Do?

He wanted to interact with the man but felt it wasn’t wise to give out his address so he could send a letter back. The process for the inmates mailing back was that the guards would send out the written letters through snail mail.

Out of curiosity, the man began writing a detailed letter from the perspective of his mean neighbor. He wrote that he was a secretly gay married man with ten kids who wanted an extramarital affair with a prisoner.

His acquaintance told him this wasn’t the first time the neighbor tried to have an affair with another man.

The man found a site that allowed you to write to inmates. | Source: Pexels

The man clicked send and was instantly satisfied with his pettiness. He didn’t think much of it and expected nothing to come out of it either. He had the scenario all figured out – he thought the man would see the letter, read it in disgust, and toss it out in the mail. However, that wasn’t how the situation played out.

Weeks later, the man heard from an acquaintance. “Did you hear about [your neighbor]?” he asked. Having had no contact with his neighbors, the man said no.

The acquaintance revealed that one of the neighbor’s kids took in the mail, and his wife sorted them out. They found the response letter from the prisoner her wrote from.

They found the prisoner's response letter in the mail after weeks. | Source: Pexels

What Happened Next?

The neighbor’s wife threw a fit when her husband arrived home from work. Before the man could feel bad about what he did, his acquaintance told him this wasn’t the first time the neighbor tried to have an affair with another man.

The letter, although fake, was the last straw for the man’s wife. “I am still shocked, horrified, and extremely amused by this predicament,” the man admitted.

People on the internet were divided after reading the story. Some felt it was unfair for the man’s life to drastically change for him kicking over a trash can a couple of times, while others thought he got what he deserved.

The man's wife threw a fit after reading the letter. | Source: Pexels

The man’s wife threw a fit after reading the letter.

After reading the comments people left, the man went on to clarify that he didn’t hate his neighbor for kicking over his trash can. His neighbor did many other indecent things, despite them not doing anything wrong.

One time, the man’s little sister’s cat wandered around the street. The neighbor angrily told the man that the cat wasn’t allowed on “his side of the road.”

The cat got out once and wandered on the sidewalk in front of his house. The neighbor called Animal Control to pick him up, but they told him they couldn’t do anything about it because the cat wasn’t on his property.

People's comments under the man's post. | Source: Reddit

People’s comments under the man’s post.

The man then took the cat, dropped it off at the shelter pretending it was his, and asked them to put it down. The shelter refused because he had no papers with him and because she was chipped.

This was only one situation the man and his younger sister had to deal with at the hands of their neighbor. There were many more petty acts that he felt weren’t worthy of being mentioned given the gravity of those he chose to share.

One user felt bad for the inmate who'd never hear back from the man he supposedly wrote to. | Source: Reddit

One user felt bad for the inmate who’d never hear back from the man he supposedly wrote to.