Only certain people can see the horse hidden in this picture – are you one of the special few?

There is a good reason why optical illusions are so well-liked worldwide. Who doesn’t enjoy playing with perception, let’s face it? Who doesn’t enjoy being incredibly perplexed when they are unable to perceive something that others can do with ease?

We occasionally come across puzzles that truly stump us, and part of the fun is sharing them with others to see who can – for lack of a better term – decipher the code.

Well, one such picture has appeared online. one for which people are racking their brains and rubbing their scalps in search of an explanation. See if you are one of the fortunate few who is able to perceive what other people cannot.

The image above is a well-known illusion that is initially perplexing and challenging to understand. The beautiful thing about such optical puzzles is that, once you figure them out, you can’t be tricked by them again.

The image in question conceals another image inside of another. What do you observe as a result when you look at it?

Do you see a frog? Do you see a horse? Do you see both?

If one of the first two scenarios applies, we have news for you.Even though both are there in the picture, you might not be able to distinguish them.

Nearly everyone recognises the frog in the picture. But the tricky part is finding the horse. Look more closely.

The horse

Still don’t see it? OK, we’ll give you a hint. The image doesn’t contain an entire horse, just the head and neck.

Found if yet? Still no? Right … have a look over by the lily pad – it has a rather odd texture, wouldn’t you agree?

Still haven’t found it? Well … the frog’s body is the horses head. Bear that in mind and try again. Good luck!

Did you see both the horse and the frog without needing help?

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