Pat Sajak discusses his emergency surgery. He believed he was going to die from the pain.

The host of “Wheel of Fortune” Pat Sajak reveals what happened a month after receiving emergency surgery for a blocked intestine.

In his first interview following the procedure, Sajak admitted to “Good Morning America” that he thought he would pass away just before the operation.

The game show presenter started experiencing “excruciating” agony in November while taking his daughter on a daily stroll. A few hours later, he was on the verge of surgery while doubled over in pain.

“I was lying on the bed in the fetal position,” he explained. “They try to treat your pain with numerous medications. And none of it – none of it – worked.”

He claimed that later, his medical professionals gave him a painkiller.

“All of a sudden, I wasn’t thinking about the discomfort,” he explained. “I just got these amazing pastels and faced flowing out of it.”

“I could hear my wife and daughter talking in the background. They sounded a mile away but were right next to me,” he explained. “They were conversing with one another. And I recall thinking, not morbidly, this must be death. This must be how death feels.’”

It grieved him that his wife and kids would “have to cope with the fallout,” he added, adding that he was worried about them at the time.

Sajak, of course, lived through the procedure, thus his fears of dying were baseless.

“It turns out that I was merely high,” he laughed.

“Good Morning America,” said Sajak’s procedure was “totally successful.”

He claimed that no underlying reason of the intestinal blockage had been found by doctors. He therefore doesn’t need to alter his way of life.

“I’ve been feeling extremely terrific for several weeks,” Sajak explained. “I’ve been back in the studio, doing shows. Even after spinning the wheel, nothing popped. So I believe that is OK.”

Vanna White, Sajak’s longtime co-host, filled in for him while he was recovering. Sajak jokingly said he worries she’ll take over as the main host during the chat.

“I discovered she enjoys hosting, and I’m a little nervous,” he admitted.

Despite his quips, Sajak appears comfortable in his role on “Wheel of Fortune.”

“I’m still on my guard,” he remarked.