Pregnant Woman Considers Abortion after Sacrificing Family & Changing Religion for Husband

A woman who had given her entire life in service was devastated to discover disturbing messages on her husband’s phone. She revealed on Reddit that she was Indian and that she was raised in Canada.

For education, she relocated to the US, where she later met her spouse. She claimed that she fell hopelessly in love with this man, who was white.

She rebelled against her parents and her faith in order to be with him, eventually converting to Christianity.

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With a husband who constantly told her how much he loved her, her marriage was ideal. They got along well with each other’s families and were about to have their first kid. But as his behaviour began to change, she became concerned.

How Did She Discover the Affair?

The wife thought her husband had grown distant as they celebrated the grandmother of the husband’s birthday and her unborn child. Things between them were still tight days after the party.

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He went on a trip for two weeks, and even when he returned, he still gave her the cold shoulder. The distance between them was starting to be unsettling, until one day, she recalled “I noticed that he fell asleep on the sofa while drinking. His phone was unlocked. I couldn’t help myself and snooped through his phone.”

She located the “kik” app, where she uncovered a chat from 2019. Her spouse had been talking to an other woman. She continued reading and learned that her husband had fallen in love with this woman. He disclosed his pregnancy to her and begged her to reconsider their relationship till his unborn child was older.

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The husband persuaded the woman that love was patient and that he could not abandon his pregnant wife. In fact, he went so far as to imply she would be a fantastic “bonus mother.”

The most unexpected revelation was that her husband had also become pregnant with her, but that she had chosen to have an abortion since she and her husband had decided the time was not appropriate.

The wife could not process all of the information. She made the decision to call a colleague and spent the night there to sort through everything. She admitted, “I just feel like I made a terrible mistake marrying this man and defying my family.

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The wife could not bear the idea of being a single mother and co-parenting with someone who was cheating on her, even though she felt divorce was the appropriate decision. She viewed this as a chance to reunite with her family and seek an abortion. She went to Reddit to see what the general public thought.

What Advice Did People Give Her?

The woman received conflicting advice from Reddit commenters. She was advised by some to save the screenshots and not show them to her husband as she planned her escape route.

However, some also believed that having an abortion would help her to entirely cut ties with the man who had taken everything from her. Others simply advised her to start over with her child and get away from him.

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Some people sympathised with the woman and also shared their own unique experiences. The woman was exhorted to maintain her fortitude as she searches for a solution to her trying circumstances. Most internet users advised the woman to give herself a chance to start over instead of spending the rest of her life with this man.