Pregnant Woman’s Fiancé Cheats on Her — 5 Years Later, She Hears His ‘Full-on Ugly Cry’ over the Phone

A woman’s life was turned upside down when her fiancé betrayed her, leaving her heartbroken. While grappling with the pain, she devised a secret plan for revenge before eventually moving forward. However, five years later, her ex called her during an emotional breakdown, leaving her stunned and curious.

In November 2018, an anonymous woman shared a poignant story on Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” forum, chronicling a relationship that had taken a heartbreaking turn. Her journey with her fiancé, whom she had been deeply in love with, had initially been a tale of long-held affections. DN, her high school crush, had been the object of her admiration for seven years before they finally confessed their feelings for each other.

Their bond had been a source of hope and dreams for both of them. As their love story progressed, she frequently traveled to visit him, even uprooting her life and planning to move to Alaska to be with him. Their engagement culminated in their love, and she eagerly looked forward to building a life together.

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However, when the woman summoned the courage to share the news of her pregnancy with her fiancé, he was callously distracted at a party. In a shocking turn of events, he later confessed to cheating on her with another woman. Crushed by the betrayal, she chose not to disclose her pregnancy and eventually miscarried.

When the original poster made the painful journey to collect her belongings from their shared home, DN’s behavior was nothing short of heartless. He seemed to have erased their relationship from existence and even introduced the other woman to her as if their engagement had never existed. During those agonizing weeks, the woman silently endured the emotional turmoil, concealing her pain and loss to avoid being labeled a “crazy ex.”

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During those two agonizing weeks, DN thoughtlessly invited the other woman over repeatedly, seemingly unconcerned about the emotional turmoil he was subjecting his former fiancée to. She suffered in silence, mastering the art of shedding tears without a sound, all while DN’s actions left her in shock.

OP never anticipated such heartlessness from someone she had known for so long. She remained on the couch, within earshot of their encounters, unable to muster the energy for confrontation. Her anger smoldered, and she wished to inflict the same pain upon him that he had caused her.

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OP’s Revenge

Before her departure, the woman hatched a plan to disrupt DN’s budding relationship with the other woman. As a bisexual individual, she recognized the woman’s flexibility and willingness to move quickly into relationships. During another party night at DN’s house, OP managed to spend time alone with the woman before the latter became too intoxicated. They retreated to DN’s room while the other partygoers remained oblivious.

After their encounter, the OP candidly shared her history with DN to the woman and the reason for her presence in Alaska. With unwavering calm, she warned the woman about DN’s potential for betrayal, emphasizing, “[If] he cares about me enough to propose to me and then do what he did with you, after I’ve known him for years, just imagine what he’ll do to you.”

The woman, previously unaware of OP’s true identity and intentions, was overwhelmed with guilt and regret. She had been deceived and felt profoundly sorry despite her own innocence in the matter. Their private conversation revealed the OP’s longstanding affection for DN, dating back to her adolescent years.

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Surprisingly, DN walked in on their discussion but misinterpreted the situation, assuming there was no immediate confrontation. The party continued, and the other woman left.

The following day, DN confronted OP about her interaction with the other woman. In a calculated move, she downplayed the other woman’s significance, implying that she was merely an easy conquest, and compared DN’s actions to her own. This emasculating remark left DN visibly mortified, and he remained speechless, changing the subject.

At that moment, the woman achieved her mission of making DN feel as small and insignificant as he had made her feel. However, the story was far from over.

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Karma Brutally Hits Back

For the next five years, the woman heard nothing from DN. During that time, she got married and learned she was pregnant with her first child. Unexpectedly, DN reached out to her through social media in 2005, expressing a desire to catch up. She agreed to a phone call, expecting to boast about her life.

During their conversation, DN recounted the avalanche of karma that had descended upon him after her departure. He admitted that her actions, driven by the desire to avenge everything she endured, had set in motion a series of unfortunate events that had devastated his life.

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The other woman ended up cheating on him with his best friend and swiftly moved in with the new partner just two weeks after she left DN. Meanwhile, DN lost his job on Christmas Eve because his boss, a mutual friend, learned of his actions and decided to terminate him. His truck broke down and got impounded, and he couldn’t afford to retrieve it. His family disowned him, and his remaining friends brutally beat him during a drinking party, leaving him homeless and friendless.

DN had relocated to Texas, reevaluating his life when he contacted the woman. It was then that she chose to reveal the secret she had harbored for so long—about the baby they could have had together. His reaction was a “full-on ugly cry” as he sobbed uncontrollably and repeatedly apologized for his past actions.

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Ultimately, she forgave him, saying, “It’s really okay, I don’t hate you.” She shared her own happier news of marriage and pregnancy, ending the call on a surprisingly amicable note. OP concluded her Reddit account with the following message: “5 years after he crushed my heart, he cried enough to fill a bottle with his tears…”

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