Science shows this 43-year-old model has the ‘perfect body’

Science frequently confirms universal truths, but occasionally it also reveals a startling new fact.

Recent research has demonstrated that a 43-year-old model may possess the so-called “perfect body.” But what they did not anticipate was how she seemed.

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We have been taught for a very long time that a woman with a model-like shape—basically, someone who is very thin—is the ideal figure. But prepare to have this viewpoint permanently altered.

Beauty guidelines are constantly changing. While Marilyn Monroe’s voluptuous form was once regarded as the pinnacle of beauty, Kate Moss’ very slender physique later replaced it. Women with the ideal hourglass figure and dimensions have long been regarded as lovely.

But a recent study from Texas University is casting doubt on this notion. According to the study, the ideal female physique is “fuller” and “curvier in shape.” According to the study, a BMI of 18.85 and measurements of 93 cm bust, 61 cm waist, and 87 cm hips are ideal. The hip to waist ratio, which should be between.65 and.75, was another noteworthy finding of the study.

Kelly Brook, a British model, is the exact fit for all these measures. While society may perceive her body as “plump” based on current beauty standards, science indicates that she has the shape that males find most attractive.

But in the end, beauty is a matter of opinion. Different people have different tastes, and each person has a different conception of what is beautiful.

This scientific study may reveal the ideal physical form, but that does not imply that all other bodies are undesirable or unattractive. The study only demonstrates that what we regard to be attractive—a skinny woman—is not what science views as the only form of attractiveness. It is crucial to acknowledge that this study demonstrates that there is variance in what we deem beautiful in an era where diversity in beauty is valued.

By modeling industry standards, plus-size women are equally as attractive as any other model. Models like Ashley Graham have been demonstrating to us for years how accurate this is!

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