She lived on the street, but she didn’t ask for money

Wanda Ritter spent 16 years living on the streets and prayed every day that someone would take the time to hear about her life and work to see that she received justice.

She was walking down the street with a suitcase full of paperwork and checks she had never cashed. Nobody took this woman seriously when she claimed that the government owed her a sizable quantity of money—$100,000—in total. Most importantly, no one believed her account because they thought she was crazy.

Julie Turner, a social worker of 56 years old, overheard Wanda’s plea one day and made the decision to look more closely at the papers she always carried with her. Wanda surprised her by being accurate. She wasn’t mentally sick, as the majority of onlookers thought.

It turned out that Wanda was getting checks every month ranging from $300 to $900, but she never cashed them because she thought there was a problem. She didn’t cash them since she thought it would just cause additional problems; instead, she returned them.

Wanda needed help getting back on her feet, and Julie was determined to make things right for her. With tenacity, the two were able to work their way through the bureaucratic maze and fix the error.

Wanda eventually received her first Social Security cheque for $1,644; this marked the beginning of the end to the injustice she had endured for so long.

This story serves as a reminder to never lose hope in people because among all the uncaring individuals, there will always be someone like Julie who will take the time to listen, offer assistance, and improve our world.

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