She was cleaning the backyard and when she lifted up an old mattress she found 5 puppies

It was not a little surprised when she decided to clean the garden. He found 5 puppies under an old mattress. He thought it would be a good idea to take them to an animal shelter, but a week later they were shocked to learn what the puppies he thought were dogs were. Find out what they were

Craig Mcgettrick was cleaning the garden with a colleague of his. While cleaning the garbage around the house, they noticed an old and dirty mattress. When they decided to move the mattress, they discovered something surprising under it. 5 small chicks were squatting under the mattress.

Craig said, “The first thought was that someone knew we were going to throw the trash out there and decided to throw it away knowing they would be taken by us.”

Initially, the man did not know what to do with them, and after a few pictures with the small animals that posted the socializing walls, he decided that they needed to get to a shelter where they could be taken care of properly. Craig put the chicks in a box and took them to a local animal shelter. Later, the situation took an unexpected turn after a founder of an organization of foxes saw the images posted by Craig on the walls of socialization with small creatures.

The founder of the organization said: “A very nice lady searched us on Facebook and sent us pictures of some puppies and asked us if there was any possibility that they were, in fact, fox puppies. After seeing the pictures, I was firmly convinced that they were fox cubs. ”

The 5 were nesting in the animal shelter where everyone thought they were dogs. The national fox organization found that the mattress was used as a lair by the fox’s mother to raise her pups there. Their decision was to try to reunite the chicks with their mother, only they didn’t know-how.

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