Simon Cowell says this 21-year-old Irish plumber has the best voice he’s ever heard from a singer

Impressing Simon Cowell is a difficult task because, among the rest, he is regarded as one of the strictest judges on one of the most popular music shows, X Factor.

It was unknown to Brendan Murray, who was hoping to become a star, when he took the stage that his performance would cause the judges, the audience, and the large number of home viewers to feel so strongly about the show.

Brendan looked around the stage at the other competitors who had already taken their seats for the six chairs challenge before he opened his mouth.

He sang the hit song “Everybody Hurts,” which was written and recorded by R.E.M.

The judges were blown away by his vocal prowess as soon as he began to sing, but the other competitors felt intimidated because they sensed that some of them wouldn’t be on the stage for very long.

The audience gave him a standing ovation after his breathtakingly beautiful performance. He fell to the ground in a squat on the stage, appearing to be crying with happiness, because he was overwhelmed by the amount of support he received.

This was one of the very few occasions when a contestant truly amazed Judge Simon. He assured Brendan that he would advance in the competition by stating that he was in a different category than the other competitors. The most endearing thing about Simon, according to Brendan, was that he had no idea how good he was.

Even though Brendan was ecstatic about the praise he received, the audience was just as eager to see him perform live again.

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