The dirtiest thing in the house turned out to be “this kind of thing”… I will never use it again!

Since the invention of the washing machine, various models have multiple functions. Different washing methods can be set, and different types of clothes can be specially cleaned. However, the washing machine has been used for more than ten years. If there is no regular maintenance and cleaning inside the machine, it is difficult to ensure that the clothes you wear every day are really cleaned. Read the painful lesson of this lady in this article. You will want to take the washing machine apart and clean it right away.

▼There are red and swollen dots on the woman’s back, which seem to be bitten by insects but are several times more serious than that.

▼It turns out that all these problems are caused by the washing machine. As soon as this woman puts on the washed clothes, this strange phenomenon occurs. Even after seeing a doctor, she changes her clothes again.

▼It turns out that the washing machine in her home has been used for several years, and the dirt and dirt have not been cleaned at all, which has caused serious skin allergies for both herself and her son. Even the water in the washing machine is abnormally black, and the water is no longer dirty. related.

Even after washing the clothes, she only let the washing machine make the clothes more dirty. She realized that the washing machine also needs to be cleaned, otherwise the years of dirt will only hide bacteria in the clothes. Let’s take a look at the teaching steps of cleaning the washing machine.

▼As long as you prepare two things, it is baking soda powder and white vinegar.

▼If it is a drum-type washing machine, you can use white vinegar to clean the groove where the washing powder or detergent is poured.

▼Then wash the inner tank with vinegar.

▼ After the inside of the washing machine is emptied, pour an appropriate amount of baking soda powder into the washing machine.

▼Add white vinegar and baking soda and mix together.

▼Then adjust the washing machine to the highest water level and let it complete a round of cleaning process.

▼Look at the video of the actual operation.

There are many internal parts of the washing machine. Cleaning may seem complicated, but in fact it can be done with very simple daily necessities. At present, there is also an emerging industry, that is, a person will go to the house to clean the washing machine, take out each part and wash it, and then test the machine. No matter which method is more suitable for your own living habits, remember not to mess up your skin for the sake of being lazy for a while. Quickly share this good method and let everyone try it!