The former first daughter of the US, Sasha Obama and current activities

The Obama family left the White House a long time ago.

People continue to watch the Obamas and keep tabs on their activities, though. The newest of the family has now mapped out her course.

To learn more about Sasha Obama and her future ambitions, keep reading!

Sasha Obama, the youngest Obama child, has left the nest. In order to pursue her new career, the 22-year-old has moved from politically revered Washington, D.C., to the glitzy hills of Los Angeles.

Sasha Obama was pursuing her undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California (USC) around the time the sisters set up residence in Brentwood, close by. She completed the course in May of this year.

Obama has never been reluctant to express his pride in his daughters. The former president of the United States discussed his worry that his children will grow up to be “odd kids” during his visit on The Late Late Show with James Corden. However, he expressed his happiness at their success and referred to them as “fantastic young women.”

In her own interviews, Michelle Obama has also expressed her pride in her daughters. The pair, according to Michelle, highlighted the need of raising “authentic people” who could find their way in the world outside of the White”

The previous First Lady is known to make jokes about her daughters. She told a funny story about her daughter’s cocktail-making abilities in one of her interviews. She said, “Not only did they drink it, they made one. Now it was a bad martini. It was very weak in a tumbling glass.”

“You know they stumbled through. It was mostly vermouth and ice. Well, maybe it wasn’t even vermouth because I don’t even think they knew that vermouth goes in a martini,” she said.

They both appear to be enjoying their lives in California as they are frequently seen going on hikes, attending parties, and engaging in a variety of other enjoyable activities.

Living together in Los Angeles speaks volumes about the sisters’ close relationship. It’s good to see that they are still doing it together when both sisters enter the workforce as young ladies.

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