The Pocket In Women’s Underwear Actually Serves A Purpose

Life is full of mysteries. Some of those mysteries may never be fully understood but others are just waiting for you to know the truth.

That is what we have here for all the ladies and any men that are curious. Perhaps you have noticed that in the crotch area of your underwear, there is a little pocket.

It tends to blend in because it is usually the same color as the rest of the underwear but it’s a flap that sits underneath near the area of your private parts.

If you thought that this was just a little extra fabric or maybe something to hide extra toilet paper, you are off-base. We are about to tell you the truth about that little pocket, and you will never look at your underwear the same way again.

First of all, the little pocket has a name. It is known as a gusset, but some people also call it a crotch lining.

The gusset is a triangular or odd shape of fabric that is put into clothing to add breadth or reduce stress when the clothing is tight fitting. To put it in layman’s terms, it allows your underwear to be in place while your body can breathe. It also protects your genitals.

When you really stop to think about how sensitive the genitals are for a woman, it is nothing to consider that you could have irritability and inflammation due to wearing the underwear. The gusset provides protection to help keep those problems to a minimum.

It also wicks some of the moisture away from the area to keep your nether regions dryer, which helps to reduce yeast and bacteria.

It is enough to know that the gusset provides some extra protection so your body can do better inside of clothing that is doing the best job it can.

By the way, some fancy or sexy underwear does not include a gusset and that is by design. Why? More than likely, it is because it is not to be worn for a long period of time.