This star almost unrecognizable in young pics from start of career

MRS DOUBTFIRE star Sally Field has enjoyed a decades-long career, with an impressive list of prestigious awards to her name – and yet in her early years, she was almost unrecognisable as the character we know and love today.

The Mrs Doubtfire star looks spectacular across all eras, but is almost unrecognisable in her early years.

Sally Field, 75, first launched herself onto the acting scene as a teenager with an appearance in the American sitcom Gidget, back in 1965.

She also appeared in The Flying Nun and The Way West as her career speedily accelerated.

By 1976, she had landed herself an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress, thanks to her groundbreaking performance in the movie Sybil.

Yet it wasn’t until 28 years after her first ever TV appearance, aged 19, that she landed a role in Mrs Doubtfire, a 1993 movie that has stood the test of time and is still considered iconic today.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame star is now set to appear in the upcoming sports comedy 80 For Brady – but in the meantime, this set of iconic old-time photos offer an insight into her glittering past and early years as an acting icon.

Sally Field still looks beautiful today

Almost 57 years on from her famous Gidget role, Sally Field looks a mere fraction of her true age, as this photo from the Los Angeles premiere of HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty earlier this year demonstrates.