Woman Called A “Bad Mom” Because Of Her Tattoos, But What She Said Caused A Stir On The Internet

Meet Becky Holt.

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A woman who proudly displays many tattoos, Becky has been the target of criticism and assumptions about her ability to parent based just on how she looks.

She’s been called a “bad mom” and informed that her daughter will look down on her when she’s grown.

But Becky is adamant that being a parent shouldn’t be defined by her tattoos.

“I don’t see why having tattoos makes me any less of a parent than somebody who doesn’t have tattoos,” says Becky.

She thoughtfully clothes her daughter and discusses her parenting approach in a video.

She would rather keep things informal and spare her child the trouble of dressing extravagantly.

Motherhood has brought significant changes to her life.

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Her life has drastically changed since becoming a mother; late-night diaper changes and baby feedings have taken the place of late-night social gatherings.

The focus of the weekend has shifted to fun play dates and get-togethers with other mothers.

At the age of fifteen, Becky started getting tattoos, and she spoke passionately about her experience.

She acknowledges that she can no longer remember how many tattoos she has overall, but she does recall a sizable incomplete piece.

She is unwavering in her conviction that her tattoos shouldn’t interfere with her duty as a mother, even in the face of hate she faces both online and in public.

She doesn’t hide her tattoos when she’s with her daughter.

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She emphasizes that she dresses respectfully as a mother while maintaining her distinctive style, and she refuses to hide her tattoos around her child.

Becky would advise her daughter to disregard criticism regarding her mother’s tattoos, emphasizing that criticism is inevitable no matter what.

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Becky still has tattoos, despite social pressure and criticism. She talks about how she had been thinking of getting her tongue split for years.

But what really makes Becky stand out is how committed she is to being a mother.

Despite the looks and criticism she receives, she is a superb mother who is loving and attentive to her kid and takes joy in raising her.

She is adamant that having tattoos does not diminish her role as a parent in any way.

In response to those who question her parenting abilities based on her appearance, Becky has a simple message:

“Worry about yourself because I’m doing fine. Rory is amazing, and we’re both doing really, really well. I don’t think there are any issues in my parenting skills whatsoever.”