Woman Excluded from Fancy Dinner at Restaurant as Her Mother-in-Law Assumed She Wouldn’t Know ‘How to Eat’ the Food

During a family vacation, a woman’s in-laws caused her so much discomfort that she did something against her husband’s wishes. When her husband called, she questioned whether she had made the wrong decision.

A Reddit user questioned whether it was wrong for her to cancel a family vacation with other users. She clarified that she had always been despised by her husband’s family because they thought she was a lower class person.

The woman clarified that her mother-in-law had always treated her differently, believing that she lacked manners in comparison to the rest of their family.

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Despite all of that, the woman and her husband went on a family trip with his family. However, when they arrived at their vacation destination, something caused the woman immense irritation.

What Happened on Vacation?

The day the family arrived on vacation, the man’s family arranged a dinner at a fancy restaurant outside the hotel. However, they did not inform the woman of their plans that night.

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Instead, the woman found out the family was going for dinner when she saw her husband get dressed. When she asked her husband where he was going, he told her that he and his family were going out to eat.

He then told her that she wasn’t invited. When she asked him why, the woman’s husband told her his mother assumed she wouldn’t want to go because she wouldn’t know the food or how to eat it.

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The man’s mom suggested that his wife would be more comfortable staying at the hotel and eating at the restaurant in the hotel. Although the situation took aback the woman, she remained calm.

What Did the Woman Do?

The woman did not argue with her husband when he told her she was not invited to dinner. However, when he left for dinner, the woman packed her bags and got the first flight home.

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When the woman’s husband returned to their hotel room and found that she had left, he freaked out and began calling her non-stop to find out why she had left the family vacation, which he told her he had to beg his mother to allow her on. She shared:

“[He] even said that I acted in an ungrateful manner and embarrassed him in front of his family.”

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The woman and her husband argued, and when he returned home from the vacation, he gave his wife the silent treatment for a while. His family also began indirectly criticizing the woman on Facebook.

The woman later updated the post, saying that her husband’s family hadn’t even told her what food they would eat at the restaurant. She also clarified that it was not only her that was excluded, but her brother-in-law’s girlfriend, too.

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She then asked if she was being unreasonable for leaving the family vacation after how they had treated her. She received many comments, with netizens sharing their opinions on the situation.

One commenter said the woman’s problem was not with her husband’s family but with her husband himself. The commenter said the woman’s husband should never have gone to dinner without her.

A comment on the Reddit post | Source: reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole
A comment on the Reddit post | Source: reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole

The commenter suggested that if the woman wanted her relationship with her husband to last, she should set up some firm boundaries with him and improve their communication. They added that the man needed to find a way to stand up to his mother.

Another commenter said that the man was as much at fault as his mother and the rest of his family. They even suggested that the man had agreed with his parents since he had gone alone with it. The commenter then advised the woman to reply to their Facebook posts with her side of the story.

A comment on the Reddit post | Source: reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole

Some even thought the woman had underreacted to the disrespect she had experienced at the hands of her husband and his family. The person said the correct reaction to this situation would have been to divorce her husband. Another said the woman’s family-in-law was classless.

While this woman’s family-in-law excluded her from their dinner plans, another woman’s mother-in-law was far too involved in her dinner plans for her liking. The woman even had a fight with her husband about his mother’s behavior. You can find the full story here.