Woman lays lifeless in the wilderness – then a dog appears from behind the bushes

When Amanda learned that Bear was a lost and abandoned dog in the Evan’s Creek highlands, she made the decision to take urgent action.

They headed off to look for the solitary canine with her companion Dylan.

Amanda and Dylan tried to bribe Bear with food and gifts for more over an hour, but their strategy didn’t work.

When they came back the following day, they saw Bear in the same location. They made another futile attempt to get him closer so they could assist him.

The females then had, to put it mildly, had an original idea.

They made the decision that Amanda would lie down and “play dead,” requesting assistance.

In conclusion: The following day, Amanda sat down on the ground where she thought Bear would be.

And what transpired two hours later warmed the hearts of countless animal friends.

It all started when a motorist in Evans Creek, Washington State, noticed a dog at a campsite.

The dog appeared frightened and underweight. When the driver attempted to approach the dog, the dog became hostile.

A girl by the name of Amanda learned about the Bear the wild dog a few days later.

Dylan and Amanda made the decision to try to save the dog and take him to a vet clinic.

With no luck, they used sweets to try to entice Bear. The dog was still too wary of people to approach them.

Amanda then made the decision to try a slightly different strategy.

She assumed a fetal position and pretended to be dead.

And before long, Bear appeared to represent the spirit of assistance.

He walked up to Amanda and gave her a 20 minute sniff before losing interest and walking away.

Amanda didn’t give up though. He returned after one hour. He merely sat next to Amanda this time.

Within the next two hours, Amanda earned Bear’s trust and his assurance that she had no ill intentions.

She was followed by him to the car, where they both departed for the veterinarian.

Thanks to these incredible animal friends who never gave up on him, Bear was able to receive the assistance he so desperately needed.

The dog’s owner has been sought after by the animal charity organization Lost & Found Pets in Washington, but to no avail.

Thankfully, a family reached out and said they wanted to adopt Bear.

Please tell people about Bear’s amazing rescue effort if reading about it warmed your heart as well!