Woman saves abandoned chick from smashed egg – 1 yr later, her transformation shocks everyone

In the summer of 2014, Susan Hickman was out for a stroll when she noticed something. She noticed an eggshell that was cracked on the ground.

For some reason, Susan opted to stop and look into the building rather than continuing to go.

And much to her shock, there was!

Susan peered inside and discovered a young chick. His eyes were closed, and he lacked feathers.

Susan searched the area for a nest but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Susan made the decision to attempt to save the chick since she realized that if she left him there, he wouldn’t live on his own.

However, raising a baby bird is not simple. Susan had not eaten for the first two weeks.  Susan had to feed the bird every 20-30 minutes from sunrise to sunset.

Susan didn’t give up despite the laborious process. She used a little medication dropper to ensure the chick got the nutrition he need because she had a close connection with him.

The bird put up a great fight and made it through the first day.

… also the following day.

She quickly gave him the name Klinger.

His eyes were now open.

Getting feathers…

Eventually, he developed into a large, regal bird.

How about that for a change?

Klinger became a vital member of the family as he recovered.

He received a lot of love and attention, and in exchange, he made Susan’s life happier.

When Klinger was big enough, Susan decided to let him go back into the wild because she truly loves animals.

She understood, however, that Klinger had become domesticated. He couldn’t survive on his own because he was entirely unprepared for life in the wilderness.

Klinger had to remain with Susan, Susan determined.

Klinger doesn’t appear to care at all.

Watch this video to learn more about Susan and Klinger’s story:

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