Woman sends list of rules to wedding guests – soon a lot of them start cancelling

Each bride hopes for the ideal wedding day. Although there are some aspects of your wedding that you can control, such as the attire, the location, the catering, and more.

It’s impossible to always predict whether things will go as expected. But this bride had a plan for making sure everything went off without a hitch on her wedding day.

But she quickly learns that not everyone sees the situation the same way. Read on to discover more.

Am I being unreasonable? is a question that a soon-to-be bride posed on Reddit. She posted her predicament in the well-known “AITAH” subreddit—an acronym for “Am I The Asshole”—in which it was received well.

A soon-to-be bride posted that after sending the wedding guests a list of rules, she and her fiancé started getting cancellations.

Before she started writing, she stated that she wanted to be clear that her fiancé had equally contributed to the rules and was enthusiastically in support of all of them, lest anyone think she was “bridezilla” imposing them against his will.

She continued by outlining each rule in detail after that.

The union of the couple called for a “unpluggled ceremony.” Unless there was a “huge” emergency, guests were not permitted to have their phones with them during the ceremony or the dinner that would follow. The prohibition against using phones during dinner was a bit much for the guests, even though they understood it during the ceremony.

Some parents who were leaving their kids at home claimed they needed their phones to check on them, but she claimed she had told them that if she had to make an exception for them, she would have to make it for everyone. “Checking with your kids is not an emergency,” she wrote. If something significant occurs, you’ll be informed.

Additionally, the couple had a rigid dress code and color scheme. Only black was requested, and men and women were required to wear tuxedos and dresses, respectively. No one was exempt from the rule.

Her aunt, who had lost her husband and had dressed in all black while she grieved, was also not an exception and had now made her way back to a more colorful wardrobe. Even when she claimed that wearing black made her feel depressed right now.

The dress code was a problem for her future sister-in-law as well because she always wore pants to feel more at ease with her body and no exceptions were made for her either.

They told their bridesmaids to maintain their weight, whether that meant eating less or more to do so. They ordered the bridesmaid dresses months in advance.

According to her, her mother was furious about the regulations and told the bride that her wedding was doomed from the beginning. Additionally, her bridesmaids made threats to withdraw, and she has last-minute cancellations from wedding guests.

The daughter of her maid of honor was supposed to be their flower girl, but this was no longer going to happen. The maid of honor declined to leave her daughter with her mother because the wedding venue is a four-hour drive from their home, despite the bride’s request that she be left at a hotel with a babysitter during the ceremony.

Of course, despite her introduction and warning, people continued to believe that she and her fiance were acting completely irrationally and were unquestionably the “assholes.”

Many people emphasized that while weddings can be conducted in accordance with the couple’s preferences, guests are not required to follow their wishes and are entirely free to decline the couple’s invitation.

Generally speaking, Reddit users agreed that the couple was making an unreasonable demand.

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