Woman spots bird nest with strange blue eggs in backyard – see surprise as they hatch 10 days later

Little bird eggs have always captivated me since I was a young girl. We were careful not to step on them if we spotted them laying in our yard since they were so fragile and adorable.

This video, which has had 56 million views to date, demonstrates that I’m not the only one who finds this incredible act of nature fascinating.

You won’t be let down if you scroll down to see it for yourself.

The eggs of an American robin are seen in the video. It is believed that the eggs’ vivid blue color shields the embryo from sunlight.

Due to the fact that male robins frequently assist their female partners in feeding the young, they are able to rear up to 12 healthy young each year.

The materials used to construct American robin nests include long grass, paper, twigs, feathers, and mud. They are renowned for their lovely, calming sounds and are often the first birds to sing as dawn breaks. The beautiful birds can be found all over North America, in Southeastern Canada, from Florida to Mexico, and on the Pacific coast.

Watch as a young robin eagerly taps at its shell in the video below, eager to explore the outside world.

It makes tougher and harder efforts to escape with time.
These little birds will soon develop into proud adult robins like the one shown below.

The video below shows the interesting birthing process in its entirety. All of the birds were healthy and flying four weeks later.