Zoo refuses to save drowning champ, so man jumps guard rail & takes matters into his own hands

Firstly, we believe that wild animals do not belong in zoos. For instance, chimpanzees should be given the opportunity to live their lives as they like.

They are still better off in the wild, no matter how much room they have to walk around or how well they are cared for.

Having saying that, we were compelled to share this video of a rescue operation with you. It depicts a man ignoring the regulations and warning signs of a zoo in order to save a chimpanzee by diving into a pit. That is what we mean by heroism now!

The Detroit Zoo’s chimpanzee enclosure contained a man-made moat, and in 1990, a chimpanzee named Jo-Jo unluckily fell into it. He managed to jump over the barrier meant to keep him out of the water after being pursued by a second, more aggressive chimpanzee.

Jo-Jo worried and fought to maintain his composure. About ten astonished onlookers watched him die in the water at the same time.

Rick Swope, a 33-year-old truck driver who was there with his wife and three kids, was one of them. He felt he had to act when he saw the fear on Jo-Jo’s face and dove into the water to save the large ape.

Now, keep in mind that chimps have five times the strength of humans. Aside from being in a location that was off-limits to visitors, the chimpanzee was also enclosed with a large group of other chimpanzees who may have grown hostile at any time.

Rick didn’t pause, though. As he brought Jo-Jo out of the sea and onto solid ground, his family gasped in amazement. It wasn’t the simplest thing either…

Rick at one time lost control of Jo-Jo, who then vanished underwater. But after another try, Rick was ultimately successful in freeing the 200-pound (90 kg), 18-year-old chimpanzee.

Jo-Jo was in bad shape when he surfaced from the sea, but he was still alive. He was saved by Rick.

Jo-Jo was in bad shape when he surfaced from the sea, but he was still alive. He was saved by Rick.

He was observing me. I believe that he was aware of what was happening, Rick told the Chicago Tribune.

View the heroic rescue here:

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